Drone machine@unearthed circuits by beepglitch
September 7, 2009, 5:23 pm
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Lets start for taking a brief info on the drone machine.

“The Drone Machine is a 4 oscillator noise maker that is controlled by a joystick.  I’ve had this basic circuit built for a while and I’ve been working on finding a type of housing and control mechanism that would make if fun and useful.  The joystick, along with a couple other additions has made this one of my favorites.”

The drone machine looks and sounds really nice and fat, the case design its brilliant with the joystick. But at unearthed circuits there’s also more things to see. This Bitcrusher is really nice, and the Photo trans-activator its simply a strange looking machine. To resume there’s a lot of stuff going at unearthed circuit, music, projects and lots of good ideas.

Unearthed circuits