Workshop Liveact (Coimbra) by beepglitch
March 14, 2010, 4:33 pm
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Workshop Liveact (Coimbra)

Introdução e integração do hardware áudio digital e software com vista a performance direccionada para eventos ao vivo.

A Utilização cada vez maior de hardware e software por parte dos artistas leva a que haja uma plataforma cada vez maior de interação entre todo o “setup” de palco , sintetizadores, drum machines, plataformas de áudio e de vídeo.

Workshop Liveact

O que se propõe é aprofundar o conhecimento dos vários interfaces (MIDI, OSC ) com o intuito de integrar todas estas plataformas numa só base. O artista ou performer conseguirá assim controlar e modificar todos os  parâmetros do seu liveact através de uma só consola.
Conteúdos Programáticos:
Os formandos serão capazes de elaborar um “setup” baseado nestes protocolos, e serem capazes de controlar os diversos tipos de hardware e software durante um espétaculo/performance.

. Definição dos diversos protocolos existentes
. Compreender a sincronização e a sua utilização nesta temática
. Audio, Midi
. Video sicronizado com os protocolos Midi e Osc
. Software Vjing
. Software Audio
. Software Midi e Osc
. Performance e Liveact. Conclusão

Workshop Liveact (Coimbra)
1ª Edição

Formador: Ricardo Webbens
Coordenador: Ricardo Lobo
Datas: 20 e 21 de Março de 2010
Horário: 10h00-13h00 // 14h30-18h30
Local: xDA: Casa da Esquina – R. Aires de Campos, 6 (Coimbra)
Preço: 25 euros
Estado: Abertas as Inscrições

Pedido de Informações
Ficha de Inscrição


Casper Electronics Drone Lab 2 by kloke
November 23, 2009, 4:52 pm
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This a great new DIY project from Casper Electronics

The Drone Lab is a 4 voice analog drone synth, rhythm generator and FX processor. It is capable of generating rich, textured soundscapes, hypnotic drones and complex rhythmic sequences. It features a series of filter and distortions circuits as well as an audio input jack. This allows it to be used as an effects processor for external audio signals.

The Drone Lab was designed to invite modification and expansion. A series of add-on modules are in the works. Ideas and suggestions are welcome!

The Drone Lab is being sold as a kit as well as in finished form.

You can buy the PCB and parts from Casper Electronics or build it all from scratch.

The Drone Lab plans are completely open source and available here as well as the assembly instructions and step by step guide .

Casper Electronics encourages others to use and adapt the plans as they like.

A big thanks to Peter Edwards from Casper Electronics for this amazing new project.

Leploop by beepglitch
November 9, 2009, 2:24 am
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It seems a new sequencer synth thingy as enter the world of electronic music ..welcome.

So Leploop is a synth with a sequencer capable of producing some cool sounds, it as some nice design and a beautiful panel, its capable of producing 3 to 4 sounds including bass or melody, a kick , snare or noize and hh.

I hope that leploop makes some boards or share the circuit board with all us diyers 🙂

““LepLoop It’s a small synth protype I’m developping with my friend Peppo. The idea was to have a compact live analog instrument. The circuit it’s an original design. The synth can produce 3/4 sound at the same time kick, noise hh, snare, bass, melody””

You can read it more in here, development page.


Mignonette – do-it-yourself electronic game console by kloke
October 12, 2009, 3:10 pm
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This is a do-it-yourself assembly kit, an electronic game console “to learn about soldering, microcontrollers, and game programming”. True 8-bit style, it can be used for sound too 🙂 you can program your own games and applications.

Click here to check it out

Drone machine@unearthed circuits by beepglitch
September 7, 2009, 5:23 pm
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Lets start for taking a brief info on the drone machine.

“The Drone Machine is a 4 oscillator noise maker that is controlled by a joystick.  I’ve had this basic circuit built for a while and I’ve been working on finding a type of housing and control mechanism that would make if fun and useful.  The joystick, along with a couple other additions has made this one of my favorites.”

The drone machine looks and sounds really nice and fat, the case design its brilliant with the joystick. But at unearthed circuits there’s also more things to see. This Bitcrusher is really nice, and the Photo trans-activator its simply a strange looking machine. To resume there’s a lot of stuff going at unearthed circuit, music, projects and lots of good ideas.

Unearthed circuits

MIDI Shoes by kloke
August 26, 2009, 11:17 am
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Hello this is my first post here as a contributor to Beepglitch, cheers to Ricardo for inviting me to this great project.

This is a great idea if you are tired of making your beats with the mouse or with sticks, Tom from Hobgob Eclectronics made these great midi shoes and he shows us how to build them here

Sticky Light by beepglitch
August 23, 2009, 9:03 pm
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A laser spot bounces on a figure being drawn on paper, trying to escape the labyrinth of lines. There is no camera nor projector; this is an experience where the audience can touch and interact with a beam of pure light – and even play a pong game with bare hands. The quality of the laser light, and the fluidity of the motion makes for a very unique experience.

The problem of tracking hands and fingers on natural scenes has received much attention using passive acquisition vision systems and computationally intense image processing. We are currently studying a simple active tracking system using a laser diode (visible or invisible light), steering mirrors, and a single non-imaging photodetector. The system is capable of acquiring three dimensional coordinates in real time without the need of any image processing at all. Essentially, it is a smart rangefinder scanner that instead of continuously scanning over the full field of view, restricts its scanning are to a very narrow window precisely the size of the target.

Sticky light

Smart Laser Tracking