Panetone Interview by beepglitch
August 20, 2009, 3:19 pm
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Here is a small conversation with my friend Cristiana Rosa AKA Panetone.

Hope you all enjoy, and them check out is work.

BG:Why circuit bending ?
P: I was always curious, disassembling things, investigate, discover.
Also because of creating my own instruments, renew, recombining
objects, colors, give life.

BG:Your music certainly reflets the use of circuit bending material, how
do you become a circuit bender ?

P: I started using radios, just touching its circuits with my fingers.
Then I did modifications in my SK1, Furby, stompboxes…

BG:You do a lot of workshops, do you feel that the audience its getting
more and more excited about CB ?

Here in Brazil my workshops are always welcome, in some of them are
>crowded<. I have dedicated 100% of my time to CB, traveling through
Brazil, dont even know what day of the week is…

BG:Open source material and the free information are a “must” in the DIY
community how do you feel about this ?

P: I think all this open and free culture is great, we can create an
enviroment favorable to new discoveries.
There is also the environmental aspect of preservation when we use a
>suposed< electronic trash.
I think the more we are involved, the better.

BG:Tell me about your instruments

P: I am a little perfectionist, I believe that my instruments are
never exactly how I want. In the begining they looked like prototipes,
but now they have an identity, either from the color, shapes, small
lunch boxes as support, now I found some really small cases and am
creating <nano> instruments.
At this moment in my research I am using arduino and pure data, I am
integrating all and creating a dialog between free software and

BG:Were can we reach Pan&Tone the musician the inventor and the teacher