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August 20, 2009, 3:28 pm
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Beepglitch is proud to be associated with Refunct 2009

The ReFunct 09 Symposium is pleased to be associated with some of the main blogs / websites in the field of circuit bending and hardware hacking. We’ve invited each guest blog to present themselves and give their views on the subject.

Refunct 2009


Panetone Interview by beepglitch
August 20, 2009, 3:19 pm
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Here is a small conversation with my friend Cristiana Rosa AKA Panetone.

Hope you all enjoy, and them check out is work.

BG:Why circuit bending ?
P: I was always curious, disassembling things, investigate, discover.
Also because of creating my own instruments, renew, recombining
objects, colors, give life.

BG:Your music certainly reflets the use of circuit bending material, how
do you become a circuit bender ?

P: I started using radios, just touching its circuits with my fingers.
Then I did modifications in my SK1, Furby, stompboxes…

BG:You do a lot of workshops, do you feel that the audience its getting
more and more excited about CB ?

Here in Brazil my workshops are always welcome, in some of them are
>crowded<. I have dedicated 100% of my time to CB, traveling through
Brazil, dont even know what day of the week is…

BG:Open source material and the free information are a “must” in the DIY
community how do you feel about this ?

P: I think all this open and free culture is great, we can create an
enviroment favorable to new discoveries.
There is also the environmental aspect of preservation when we use a
>suposed< electronic trash.
I think the more we are involved, the better.

BG:Tell me about your instruments

P: I am a little perfectionist, I believe that my instruments are
never exactly how I want. In the begining they looked like prototipes,
but now they have an identity, either from the color, shapes, small
lunch boxes as support, now I found some really small cases and am
creating <nano> instruments.
At this moment in my research I am using arduino and pure data, I am
integrating all and creating a dialog between free software and

BG:Were can we reach Pan&Tone the musician the inventor and the teacher


Drum Pads by beepglitch
August 3, 2009, 4:24 pm
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Four drum pads ready to go.

All made of old material found in the Alt/Lab installations, and a very special big thankxxx for Mónica who brought the casings (we are going back to that in a moment) for the drum pads.

So the idea was to make drum pads that we could hook up to a sound card(or whatever) and them make sweet music, this is a very nice combination between piezoelectric components and a few layers of some absorbent sound  material like rubber or cork foil (that’s what we use because there was nothing more) and a piece of aluminum foil for a greater drum area .

We use an old can (20l) of paint, four piezoelectric found in electronic junk like old modems and old telephones, wire for connecting the piezos, cork foil for insulation the drum pad area and Mónica supply the casings (square rubber cd´s stands), and glue for putting everything nice and tight .

First we cut a piece of the can (circular about 10cm radius)and we glued the piezo into it, then we drilled one hole into the rubber casing for the wires to came out, them we cut two square cork foil parts (the first in the bottom of the casing and the other for the top) a bit of glue and that’s it drum pads ready to rock.

Now we got some audio coming out of the pads but thats just boring because its always the same and we want to go further like transforming audio into midi messages, and we found the right tool for it, its called  “KTDrumTrigger” and he transforms the audio signal into midi notes, we can use this midi notes inside a sequencer program to control any kind of instrument (either VSTI or some other stuff), in our case we use the drum pads to control “Battery” and thats it instant fun.

There are some other links and some other ideas for drum pads. This “one“uses ardunio as a source for the imput signal.

New Beepglitch by beepglitch
August 1, 2009, 5:17 pm
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Some things just takes time, this is certainly one of that cases

I try ed to put the website up, but unfortunately i have  limited resources in the php and web development and also  limited time, so i try ed my best but was enought. I came up with some other resolution because we were getting tons of traffic in the old blog, so i decided the wordpress solution.

New layout and a bunch of new things including interviews and a small store for some electronic devices, also for those who are interested in circuit bending d.i.y etc in Lisbon area there’s a new space its called Alt/Lab and its open to new people and new ideas.

For now thats it hope you all enjoy the new blog.